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Talent pathway

Driving capability, retention & progression

At althaus, we do things differently

Our aim is to support employers and learners at every (and any) stage of the journey; from someone taking their first step towards a career in tech and digital, to scouting senior-level talent for top employers.

Our pathway means we’re able to provide businesses with talented individuals equipped with the technical know-how and leadership skills they need to add real value from day one. 

We’re also here to help employers identify the areas they need support with, and then match up our training to maximise opportunities for both businesses and learners.

Finding the right solution isn’t always easy. But that’s where we come in.

Developing talent, the althaus way

For the Employer

Programme content is tailored to your requirements and aims to upskill existing staff or create talent pools for new recruitment.

Our cutting-edge training and delivery empowers existing staff and new recruits to make a real impact in your business.

Alongside the essential technical experience required, we understand the importance of finding a match with the culture and values of your organisation.

For the Learner

Programme content is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of key topics driving the world of digital.

Our cutting-edge training and delivery will equip you with the technical know-how and leadership skills you need to excel in a career in digital.

We work hard to find the right fit for both you and the employer, not only in terms of technical skills, but culture and values too.