On-demand Accelerator courses

Build your digital and tech skills​

Tech and digital skills are in huge demand. Stand out from the crowd by upskilling or retraining in specialist subject areas with our online Accelerator courses, devised by industry experts and designed to give you the tools you’ll need to help launch or progress your career in tech and digital.

Each course is made up of a series of modules, with each module taking between 2-4 hours to complete. Training is also delivered online and on-demand, so you can fit the learning around your existing day-to-day responsibilities. 

All Accelerator courses are suitable for entry level roles, or individuals looking to upskill, or retrain and transition to new roles. 

Build your digital and tech skills from as little as £45.

Choose from six self-funded Accelerators:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals (£145) 
  • Branding and PR (£145)
  • Social Media (£145)
  • Web Development Fundamentals (£45)
  • IT Support Fundamentals (£45)
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals (£45)

The courses

Digital Marketing Fundamentals Accelerator

Online presence has never been more important, and businesses of all types are looking to improve their digital expertise and expand their online footprint. Grow your knowledge of digital marketing with the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Accelerator, and take your new skills into any marketing role to deliver measurable impact from the start.

Branding and PR Accelerator

Effective, engaging communications are the cornerstone to any successful marketing activity. With our Branding and PR Accelerator course, you’ll learn essential comms do’s and don’ts and put theory into practice, by developing and implementing impactful content marketing strategies across a variety of channels and platforms. 

Social Media Accelerator

Learn how to maximise brand exposure and create engaging, stand-out content with our Social Media Accelerator course. Uncover new tools, learn new skills, and understand what makes an effective social media strategy, with practical hints and tips to help you become the ‘go-to’ for social media management.

Web Development Fundamentals Accelerator

Build your knowledge and understanding of the basics of web development with our Web Development Fundamentals Accelerator. Learn how to design and implement different technologies, and advance your technical capabilities to help you move ahead in the world of web.

IT Support Fundamentals Accelerator

IT support roles are essential in any workplace. Get experience in the basic principles of IT Support with our IT Solutions Fundamentals Accelerator course, by learning the theory and practical skills needed to help you kickstart your career in IT. 

Cyber Security Fundamentals Accelerator

The demand for cyber security experts is increasing, with more than a third of UK companies stating that cyber security is a specialism that’s needed. With our Cyber Security Fundamentals Accelerator, you’ll gain knowledge of the core principles, and an understanding of preventative, detective, and corrective controls to help you avoid potentially harmful cyber security breaches.

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