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Cyber Security Fundamentals Accelerator

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The demand for cyber security experts is increasing, with more than a third of UK companies stating that cyber security is a specialism that’s needed. With our Cyber Security Fundamentals Accelerator, you’ll gain knowledge of the core principles, and an understanding of preventative, detective, and corrective controls to help you avoid potentially harmful cyber security breaches.

This course is suitable for entry level roles, or individuals looking to upskill, or retrain and transition to new roles. 

Course Modules

The Importance of Security

In an ever-evolving digital world, cyber security is at the forefront of protecting what we do. More and more organisations continue to recognise the need for cyber security and implement this in their workflows. In this module, we will be looking at the importance of security, including concepts such as the CIA triad and measuring risk. 

How VPNs Work

At a time where remote working has been more of a requirement than ever before, VPNs have helped to shape the way in which many organisations and individuals communicate. In this module, we will be looking at VPNs and how they play an important part in securing network communications. 

Mobile Security Threats

Mobile device security is the protection of smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices. Security has become increasingly important in mobile computing due to the increased demand for these types of devices, and there is growing concern for the protection of personal and business information stored on mobile devices. Learn more about threats to security via mobile devices and how to protect against them. 

Malware and Attacks

This module gives insights into some of the ways that hackers and malicious actors break into and infiltrate computer systems.

Effective Security Policy

Learn more about security policies that purpose and how organisations can implement them effectively.


This module explores the legislation and ethics from an IT professional’s perspective.

What’s included

  • Sequenced, on-demand course content
  • 30-day, 24-hour access to our e-learning platform, Skills Hub
  • Unlimited access to online training content via PluralSight and Learning
  • Labs for the course duration
  • Certificate of Completion (supplied digitally)

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