Health and Safety Policy

We aim to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, learners and visitors. This policy sets out how we both meet the required legislation and how we are commited as an organisation to the highest standards.

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Carbon Reduction Plan

As a fully digital business, designed and developed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we are commited to be a Net Zero business by 2025. This is our plan for how we aim to achieve this.

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Safer Recruitment

We’re committed to recruiting staff members, partners and volunteers who are suitable to work with children and vulnerbale adults. Our Safer Recruitment Policy spells our to potential applicants that our organisation prioritises the safety and welfare of children.

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Safeguarding and Prevent

Safeguarding is at the forefront of everything we do. It is vital in assuring the development and well-being of both young people and adults. It starts with Safer Recruitment and underpins all aspects of our operations; from training delivery, employer engagement and learner recuitment.

Safeguarding is how we promote the welfare of young adults and protect them from harm. The potential harm that can affect learners is wide-ranging and includes things such as; bullying, inappropriate supervision and unsafe workplaces or working practices.

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Whistleblowing Policy

We are committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity, and we expect all staff to maintain high standards in accordance with our Code of Conduct. However, all organisations face the risk of things going wrong from time to time, or of unknowingly harbouring illegal or unethical conduct. A culture of openness and accountability is essential in order to prevent such situations occurring and to address them when they do occur.

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Complaints Policy

We welcome all types of feedback about our provison and  aim to ensure that all complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively and a satisfactory outcome is achieved for all parties.

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Equality and Diversity

We’re committed to being an equal opportunities employer and training provider, promoting and creating a provision in which everyone feels valued, respected and able to contribute. We celebrate that everyone is different and value equally the unique contribution that each individual brings.

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GDPR Policy

Keeping your information safe is important to us. This policy sets out how we process and store  any personal data (including special category personal data) that we collect from you, or that you provide to us. Personal data means any information about you that may identify you from that data.

You have a right to ask us for a copy of your personal data that we hold about you.  This can be done through a “subject access request” which must be made in writing.

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