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To bridge the gap in the digital skills required by employers, our Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeship courses combine technical knowledge with professional and leadership skills to create well-rounded individuals who will help lead your business into the future.

With every apprenticeship, althaus works closely with you to determine the areas of your business that you want to develop, so the first part of your apprentice’s study is tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. This means the learner quickly progresses in the areas that your business needs them to, adding measurable value from the outset.  

Flexible, blended course delivery

Our apprenticeships are delivered through a combination of virtual and face-to-face, collaborative and self-directed learning; an approach designed to maximise apprentice productivity. 

Our blend of live webinars, interactive classroom sessions and extensive on-demand content are all supported by an althaus Digital Skills Coach, with extensive industry and apprenticeship delivery experience.

We are also the only training provider that offers a complimentary leadership programme with every apprenticeship. Comprising five
one-day workshops, the Learn Digital. Lead Digital programme breaks new standards for the sector, incorporating the latest AI tools and soft skills needed to turn our learners into future leaders in digital.

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Funding your apprentice

Apprenticeship programmes are government-funded, with up to 100% funding as well as financial incentives available to help your business benefit from essential digital skills.

The maximum an employer will pay towards an apprenticeship is 5% of the training costs, on top of the apprentice’s salary, which must meet the National Minimum Wage.

In addition, and in many instances, we can work with our employer partners to access levy transfer funds from larger employers to cover the cost of the training. In all cases, we work hard to make the administrative process as simple as possible, taking the lead to minimise any cost to the employer, as well as the time involved in securing your apprentice.

If your business has less than 50 employees and you’re recruiting an apprentice aged 16-18 years old

If your business has less than 50 employees and you’re recruiting an apprentice aged 19+…

If your business has more than 50 employees…

*In many cases, we are able to secure the 5% contribution via levy transfer funds from our employer partners. This means that there would be no training costs incurred by the employer.

Training and assessment fees

ApprenticeshipProgramme Training & Assessment Fees (total)Maximum contribution required by employer
Multi-Channel Marketer (Level 3)£11,000£550
Content Creator (Level 3)£10,000£500
IT Solutions Technician (Level 3)£13,000£650
Information Communication Technician (Level 3)£15,000£750
Network Engineer (Level 4)£17,000£850
Cyber Security Technician (Level 3)£11,000£550
Cyber Security Technologist (Level 4)£18,000£900
Data Technician (Level 3)£12,000 £600
Data Analyst (Level 4)£15,000£750
Software Development Technician (Level 3)£15,000£750
Software Developer (Level 4)£18,000£900


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