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The haus that digital training built

Technology and digital skills are essential for many job roles. According to a recent government report, 82% of all UK jobs list them as a requirement.

However, despite the great work being done to train and upskill staff, it’s not enough to tackle the scale of the UK’s current skills shortage. In 2022, UK businesses struggled to fill 33% of vacancies due to a lack of digital capability, highlighting the gap between skill supply and demand. 

That’s where althaus Talent comes in.

Combining our expertise in digital skills training with our core values of service quality, integrity, governance and outstanding company culture, althaus Talent does things differently.

Using our platform to pair leading talent with top employers, we aim to have an even greater impact on the future of tech and digital skills.

Recruiting talent, the althaus way

  • Regular and effective communication with candidates 
  • Close-working relationships with employers to identify their requirements and match them up to the best candidates 
  • Option to enhance candidates’ skill sets with government-funded training

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