Software Development Bootcamp

Free training to improve your business’s software development capabilities

The future is digital, and the demand for software development skills is ever-increasing. This is especially true for the UK, where the current skills gap is forcing some businesses to look at alternative outsourced solutions to meet their growing requirements. Through our Software Development Digital Skills Bootcamp, we’ll equip learners with game-changing skills and knowledge of the latest trends in development tools and methodologies, to make sure your organisation is ahead of the curve. 

Led by subject matter experts, the bootcamp is a live, online programme that focuses on equipping individuals with the latest in-demand skills they need to support your business’s software development requirements.

The free 12-week course is designed to address skills shortages across the Midlands.

Boost your business with althaus

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At a glance

What’s in it for you?

  • Retain control over projects and be less reliant on outsourced solutions
  • Develop unique solutions tailored to your business  
  • Explore new opportunities by growing in-house capabilities 
  • Keep up with ever-changing trends in software development

What’s covered

The Digital Skills Bootcamp equips learners with the tools they’ll need to grow your organisation’s software development capabilities. Modules include:

  • Development environments, compilers and programming languages
  • Input/output & variables
  • Selection – IF/ ELSE statements
  • Iteration – loops
  • Functions and methods
  • OO programming
  • Frameworks and development stacks
  • Databases
  • Web development, APIs and markup languages
  • Front end frameworks and GUI
  • Coding best practices, design patterns & testing
  • Leadership, emotional intelligence, reasoning, problem solving and creativity skills

Boost your business with althaus

althaus works closely with partner employers to determine the business’s training needs, so bootcamp programmes can be tailored to meet your requirements. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.