Unleashing the digital leaders of tomorrow.

our team in a workshop

Our Vision

It’s a fast-changing planet - and the digital world moves even faster. At althaus we strive to be game-changers, using our industry expertise to match the right apprentices with the right businesses.

Our vision is to unleash the digital leaders of tomorrow by teaching a unique blend of soft skills and expert digital knowledge. This way, you not only benefit from learning about the here and now of the digital industry - you’ll also be taught skills in creative problem-solving, analytical thought, and communication. This helps you get ahead and stay ahead.

It's a Team Effort

It can be hard to decide on your next steps after school or college. We know it’s equally difficult to find the right talent for your business, that’s where althaus can help.

Finding the ‘right-fit’ apprentice for an employer is a two-way street. That’s why we match learners with a company that will provide the right environment for them to thrive and grow, to develop them into the digital leaders of tomorrow.

One of our team members on a laptop

Learning That Makes Sense

Apprentices should learn in a way that’s natural to them, and this means a combination of collaborative and self-directed mobile-based learning. This helps learners pick up on concepts in a way that’s familiar to their generation.

We know that interacting with others is by far the best way to learn. Studies show that knowledge retention rates more than double, in comparison to studying in isolation. That’s why we encourage a social, collaborative style of learning, promoting interaction with industry experts and other learners within a vibrant online community, sparking conversations, ideas and solutions.

What's Next

Launching Autumn 2020, we’ll be on hand to chat about your next steps and kick-start your journey with althaus. Together, let’s fuel the digital revolution.

Learn Digital. Lead Digital.