Learner Case Study – Katie Dillingham


Programmes: Digital Marketing Bootcamp / Digital Marketer Apprenticeship L3

Employer: althaus digital

Why did you want to become an apprentice?

I’ve always known university wasn’t for me but wasn’t sure of my options upon leaving school. I fell into a customer service role, and this gave me time to figure out what I wanted my next step to be. I’d been contemplating apprenticeships for a while, especially in digital marketing as it would give me the chance to be creative, and I could earn and learn at the same time – discovering althaus was the icing on the cake!

How did you discover althaus digital?

I noticed the althaus Digital Skills Bootcamps on an online jobs board and decided to check out their website. It drew me in immediately with its fresh and unique design. I decided to send them a message as transport was an issue for me, and they couldn’t have been more supportive in helping me overcome that barrier, getting me onto the Digital Marketing Bootcamp and then of course an  apprenticeship with althaus themselves – this was completely unexpected, however althaus saw “a lot of potential” in me and invited me for a two-stage interview process post completion of the Bootcamp! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect introduction to the business, as I got to experience first-hand the benefits of both our Digital Bootcamps and now the apprenticeship programme, which has been massively beneficial in informing the way I communicate our offering through my marketing

What skills have you learned so far in your apprenticeship?

I’ve already learnt a great deal in my first couple of months, from gaining my Google Analytics qualification to getting stuck into the social media side of things- I’ve really enjoyed this as I’m naturally very creative. I’m also learning about other marketing methods such as email marketing, which have already seen a few successes!

How has althaus supported you in your journey so far?

althaus were supportive right from the off; I felt my inability to drive was an obstacle in getting an apprenticeship, but they were proactive and helpful in finding solutions. From the moment I stepped foot into the business they’ve supported me- from meeting me at the train station to show me how to get to the premises, to helping with any questions or concerns I may have, I can honestly say they’ve gone above and beyond to make me feel welcomed every step of the way. Deciding to do the Digital Skills Bootcamp was the best decision I could have made for my career, as it led me here!

What advice would you give to others considering an apprenticeship?

Go for it! Apprenticeships always felt like the right option for me – it was more a case of finding the right opportunity. However, I know not everyone feels the same way – for some it may seem daunting entering the job market so soon, especially if you’re straight out of school. University can seem like the more straightforward first choice, but the benefits of apprenticeships to me significantly outweigh that of university- you gain industry experience, earn a wage, get exposure to your chosen sector straight away, and you look more attractive to employers. Think, in just 15-18 months you can get a qualification and showcase proven experience, rather than spend 3 years at university racking up considerable personal debt!

Do you think attitudes towards apprenticeships are changing?

From my personal experience, I think university is the end goal at a lot of high schools. When I was in the second year of my A-Levels, I felt like an outcast for choosing not to go to university. I felt a lack of support from my school, and wish there had been further discussion about the other options available- apprenticeships need to be something that are promoted in school for those of us who don’t feel higher education is the right choice. However, in the years since I left school, I can definitely see attitudes changing. Employers can see the benefits of apprenticeships – recent studies show 72% of businesses plan to hire more apprentices, and 80% have witnessed the transformative impact of apprenticeships on the learner.*