Learner Case Study – Jake Wallis


Programmes: Digital Marketer Apprenticeship L3

Employer: Pilgrim Foods

What made you want to become an apprentice? How did you decide an apprenticeship was the right path for you?

I prefer working environments to educational environments so being able to learn a new qualification whilst operating in a working environment seemed like a great opportunity well suited to myself. I wanted to broaden my skillset as the job world has changed so much over the last few years that it is important to have multiple skillsets.

How did you discover althaus digital?

Through a jobsite like indeed. I applied for an apprenticeship role being offered by them and was promptly contacted by Kate. Kate helped me through the onboarding process and within just a couple of weeks I had a full time position offered to me as a digital marketing apprentice.

What have you learned in your apprenticeship so far?

An extra level of depth to my understanding of different marketing software and marketing philosophy/ideology. I can now determine which marketing strategy would be most effective for the given business and which channels to use to best achieve the goals outlines within the strategy.

How have althaus supported you in your journey, from getting you onto the programme to the training provided?

Althaus helped find me a workplace where I am given the opportunity to explore different avenues of digital marketing at will. They also helped me create a digital CV which helped with the onboarding process. I also am given multiple safeguarding contacts should I feel uncomfortable with any aspect of my training or apprenticeship.

How have your trainers supported you in your learner journey?

Althaus also provide me with training on each aspect of digital marketing through our weekly zoom classes and on hand support. Anytime I have a question regarding a specific aspect of digital marketing I am struggling to understand, the team at Althaus will always go out of their way to provide me with an answer or solution to the problem.

What advice would you give to others considering an apprenticeship?

Do it! I think unless you have a very specific career in mind, university degrees are of little value. If you can find an apprenticeship in the right role for a good company, within just a couple of years you will be seen as a more experienced and more valuable employee than a university graduate who has never experienced the working world. Apprenticeships equip you with a wide range of tools, and over the course of your apprenticeship you will find which parts of the job interest you most. This can be great if you are struggling on deciding on a career path, as an apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to explore each aspect before choosing to specialise in a specific area.

Do you think attitudes towards apprenticeships are changing?

From my experience, employers have grown tired of employing university graduates with outdated qualifications and little to no experience in a working environment. I think apprenticeships are now the best route into specific career paths as it is less of an investment for the company to train someone up who is willing to learn and committed to the job than to try and employ someone demanding a huge salary with no experience. Most employers have now realised this, and it explains why the number of apprenticeships seems to be growing. It is worth noting that many people in senior positions have been in their positions since before the internet revolutionised many industries. This means that there are ample businesses looking for someone digitally skilled but do not know exactly what job role they are looking for. This is great for apprentices as it is a chance to forge a career in these industries and prove their value over more longstanding employees using the wide array of skills you can learn doing a digital apprenticeship.