Case Study




Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Yasmin Lad

Why did you choose to do a Digital Skills Bootcamp?

After graduating from my degree in costume and textiles, I started upcycling my mum’s old saris and running that as my own business. However, due to the pandemic, I unfortunately had to give up my business and look for a new job.

At a jobs fair in Derby, I happened upon althaus and their digital marketing stand. I was drawn to digital marketing because of my background in research and my desire to be online, and it was a great opportunity to gain more guidance and information.

What was the onboarding process like?

I found the process really simple. I got an initial invite through email after I signed up at the job fair. It all worked out perfectly because I got an email the week after my contract ended to let me know about a Digital Marketing Bootcamp starting soon. They gave me a call and I signed up, so it was really easy.

How did you find the training delivered, and what support did you get and how?

I really enjoyed the live sessions. It was great having such a diverse group of people and our trainer, Ian, provided us with lots of resources, both external and from his own background and personal experiences. I especially enjoyed the practical aspect of the training, as it wasn’t just all theory, but we could see it in action.

Was it just as good as if it was in a classroom?

Yeah, I was working on the COVID infection survey and we were all remote, so I was already used to the remote learning experience. It wasn’t a problem for me and we still managed to cover the same content and we were still given the opportunity to ask all the necessary questions. Working remotely wasn’t a barrier at all.

What was your favourite thing about the Bootcamp?

I think my favourite thing about the group was the diversity of backgrounds. It was amazing to hear everyone’s stories and find out more about why they were there. Even though we all had different reasons for taking the Bootcamp, we were united in our common goal. It was a great atmosphere of learning and enthusiasm.

What did you find most challenging on the Bootcamp?

The most challenging part has possibly been continuing with the Bootcamp even after starting a new job, as I still want to be able to utilise everything I have learned. I think the best way to do this is to keep up with the resources from the Bootcamp and to remember everything I have learned.

Additionally, I’ve challenged myself to push myself out of my comfort zone. as I have not done many presentations before, and this Bootcamp requires more than just a short demonstration. With more practice, I’m sure I will become more comfortable with presenting what I have learned.

How did you find the support across the 12-week Bootcamp?

Our trainer, Ian, was really supportive and was always there to help us out. The rest of the team was great too, always willing to help each other out with any questions we had. It was really helpful to get feedback from everyone, not just Ian, as there was a wide range of people with different experiences. It was a really nice environment to be in, and I really enjoyed it.

What advice would you give to anyone considering doing the Bootcamp?

I would say that it’s definitely worth doing, especially if the subject matter is something you’re interested in, and if you’re entrepreneurial with a marketing background it’s really valuable. It’s so important in this modern age to have that knowledge in order to get yourself out there, otherwise it can be really difficult. I’ve had to struggle for the past couple of years without seeing results, and the reason is I didn’t have the knowledge and the skills the Bootcamp gives you. You need the groundwork to go forward.

What skills have you taken away from the Bootcamp?

I was really looking forward to learning more about SEO during the Bootcamp. It was a great takeaway for me, as I have my own website and wanted to know how to optimise it. I also learned about trends and keywords, and how to use them on social media and my website to make sure I can be found more easily. Linking the different aspects of the course together was also a key part of the learning.