Level 3 Course

Software Development Technician

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Level 3 Course

Software is everywhere, in everything we use, games, apps, websites, the list is endless. At althaus we teach you to think bigger, programme better, code smarter, we aim to create the designers, developers, and the future history makers. There is always a better way to do it, why wait for someone else, when you can develop the revolution

Role – What will I do?

Software developers are the brains behind every application you ever use, designing, programming and testing to ensure the end user gets the best experience. Working as part of a software development team, your roles could range from building simple software components to large software development projects. The course provides you with the core foundations in software development but also provides the opportunity for you to become a master of a chosen programming language.

Typical Job Roles – Who will I become?

Learn as:

Software Development Technician, Junior Web Developer, Junior Application Developer, Junior Mobile App Developer, Junior Games Developer, Junior Software Developer, Application Support Analyst, Assistant Programmer

Lead as:

Software Development Manager, Automated Test Developer, Lead Developer, Senior Architect, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Games Developer

Entry Requirement - What do I need?

Typically, an apprentice would need to have GCSE Maths and English at (4-9) or equivalent. However, at althaus we do not see this as a limiting factor. If you have the passion, creativity, and flair for the digital industry, we want to speak with you.

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